Best App for Low-cost International Phone Calls

Offer two levels of service: Default Line and Premium Line, features phone recording,caller id display,Callback.

Download WePhone for:
  • Call anyone anywhere with carrier grade quality using WIFI/3G at low rates without roaming cost.

    *Calls with 3G may use your data plan
  • Can switch to Premium Line for the best quality.
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Why Use WePhone?
1. Amazing voice quality with rates much lower than Skype and other Apps.

2. Extremely easy to use, works right out of the box - hassle free, no any registration required, with 30 cents free gift credit to start, can dial directly from your existing contacts.

3. Easily switch between Default Line and Premium Line, the Premium Line offers extremely high quality of service and has higher rates.

4. Easy in-app purchasing through your Apple iTunes Account or Google Wallet account!

5. Rich with cool features: Phone conversation recording, Caller number display, Callback, etc.

6. Awesome 7x24 customer service.

And many more ...

Download WePhone now: