Frequently Asked Questions

  • WePhone is a mobile application which allows you to make calls through the Internet. With WePhone you can:

    1. make international phone calls at super low rates with great quality.

    2. record the phone conversation.

    3. find many features that may be a surprise to you, such as caller ID display, different services and rates options, callback, etc.
  • The major differences from Skype:

    1. the price is lower.

    2. much more convenient to use---hassle free, no any registration required, conveniently purchase phone call credit within the App with Apple iTunes account or Google Wallet account.

    3. the phone call conversation can be recorded.

    4. support callback (only requires tiny Internet connection) and caller id display.

    5. awesome customer service standing by for help
  • In order to meet the requirements of our growing customers from all over the world, we have distinguished our services based on quality of service and rates.

    1. Standard Service: good quality of service, best available rates

    2. Gold Service: extremely high quality of service, competitive rates

    3. VIP Service: extremely high quality of service, enhanced features are enabled (e.g. CLI), market based competitive rates.

    4. Callback Service: no internet connection is required after the callback is initiated, more stable voice quality is expected, both calls are charged with Callback rates. You need a valid phone number to receive incoming calls for Callback service.

    You can switch between different service plans in the "Info" tab within the App.
  • Unlike the regular phone call plans from your phone company, this app enables users to make calls with the Internet connection (WiFi/3G/4G) at much lower price. It also has independent billing system.

    You can download WePhone for free and we will fill your account with a 30 cent free gift credit upon your first use. After you use up the free credit, you should purchase additional credit in order to continue making calls.

    To query call prices, please tap the link below:

    Please note that the call price is set per destination and call length and is in US dollars, also note that there is no roaming charge, for the same destination number, you can call from anywhere around the world at the same rates.

    Please note: if you use 3G/4G to make calls, your phone company may charge you for data plan; if you use Callback service to make calls, you may need to pay your phone company for incoming calls.

    Please be advised that we offer different service options with different rates:

    1. If you are very price sensitive, please switch to the Standard Service.
    2. If you are very quality sensitive or occasionally the call does not go well, then the Gold Service is an appropriate choice.
    3. If you need special features such as caller id display(let receiver see your number), we recommend you use the VIP Service.

    You can switch between service plans in the "Info" tab within the App.
  • iPhone: WePhone works iPhone with IOS: 4.3, 5, 6, 7 and newer, optimized for iPhone5.

    iPod touch and iPad are also well supported.

    Android: you can download android version from this website or from google play.
  • WePhone uses your phone device as your identity, you don't have to register or fill any information! You can start using it with initial 30 cents call credit after download without any extra setup.
  • Definitely, just call his/her phone number.
  • It should be above 16kbps, that is about 1Mb/minute.
    Switch to WiFi if your 3G/Edge speed is not fast enough.
  • Yes, you can make calls whenever you have internet connection, via 3G or via WIFI.

    Switch to WiFi if your 3G speed is not fast enough(should > 16kbps).

    Please note that if you use 3G, data plan is consumed and additional fee may be applied from your carrier.
  • Yes, you can use WePhone to call any destination all over the world from anywhere without any roaming charges.

    * When you use WePhone on a 3G network you might incur operator data charges or internet connection fees.
  • It is pretty simple to make calls:

    Method 1:
    1). Select the country you want to call by tapping the flag button.
    2). Tap the digit key to input phone number, please ensure the phone number contains city code or district code. Do not add country code before the phone number.
    3). Tap Call button to start call. During the call, you can record the call by tapping REC button.

    Method 2:

    Enter "00" + "country code" + "city code" + "telephone no." to make international call.
    Enter "+" + "country code" + "city code" + "telephone no."

    For example: 0049162222222 or +49162222222

    Also, please be advised that you can choose from different service plans at your will:
    1). Standard Service: with good call quality and best rates
    2). Gold Service: with best call quality and gold rates
    3). VIP Service: with superior service and vip rates
    4). Callback service: works without 3G/WIFI after call initiated, recommended when internet status is not good

    You may need to switch to the Gold or VIP service if the call does not go well using the Standard Service. Try Callback when internet status is not good enough.
  • 1. firstly make sure you make calls in a correct way, you should select right country flag in keypad.

    2. secondly check the status of the internet connection

    1). if internet status is OK
      a). if you are using the Standard service, please switch to the Gold or VIP service and try again
      b). if you are already using the Gold or VIP service , please contact us ,we will get you through this ASAP.

    2). if internet status is not Good enough
      a). try to use fast WIFI instead of 3G for better voice quality
      b). use Callback which does not require any internet connection after call initiated
  • 1. If you are using the Standard service plan, switch to the Gold or VIP service plan.

    2. If you are using the Gold service plan, switch to the VIP service plan.
  • 1. what is callback?
    If you use callback (after you submit a callback request), your phone number will get a call first ,after you pick up the call, our system will direct the call to the destination party. The App no longer participates in the call process once the callback request is submitted, that said, the call does not require any internet connection once started.

    2. when should use callback?
    1) If you have no good internet connection, you should use callback
    2) If you expect superior voice quality, you may use callback

    3. how is callback charged?
    A callback includes two calls , one to your phone number, another to the destination number, both calls will be charged based on callback rates. For example, if you are in USA , you want to call India number using callback, in this case, the first call is to your US number, the second call is to the India number, the total cost would be the sum of the cost of the first and the second call.
    Also, please note that when you use Callback, your phone company may charge you for incoming calls, to avoid high roaming fees, please do not use Callback service when you are abroad.
  • 1. Select the "Callback" service plan in "Info" tab.
    2. Tap "Set Callback Phone No. List" in "Info" tab, add and select the phone number with which you want to receive call
    3. Select country and enter destination phone number in "Keypad" tab, tap "Call" button to initiate a callback
    4. Wait for incoming call which will be sent to your phone number you set in callback number list
    5. The incoming call will be directed to the destination number you entered in "Keypad"

    Please be advised that you can also schedule a Web callback by tapping "Initiate a Callback" in "Info" tab, compared to Callback service plan, Web callback allows you to let callback start after certain times you set
  • No, however, we are working actively on texting and incoming calls, please stay tuned for update, thank you!
  • Recording feature is completely free and there is no time limit on recording length, to start record, please tap "REC" button after the call is started, you would find the recording files in "Recordings" tab.

    Currently recording is not supported for incoming calls and for callback, however we are working on it.
  • If the recording files are too large (more than 10M or 10 minutes), it may be difficult for your mail server to handle them, in this case you can download them to PC.

    It is quite easy to download recordings to PC:

    1. connect iPhone/iPad/iTouch to your computer. Open iTunes, find your device and select it. Click "Apps" on the top menu.

    2. in "Apps" section under "File Sharing", select WePhone , find the "records" folder in the right side, tap "Save to" to save this folder to your computer.

    3. open the "records" folder in your computer, you should find the recording files within it.
  • No. The calls are made through the Internet connection not through your carrier.

    However, if you use 3G/4G to make calls, your company may charge fees for data usage;
    If you use the Callback Service Plan to make calls, your phone company may charge you for incoming calls. Do not use the Callback Service Plan when you are abroad.

  • After you set the display phone number (do it in the Info tab within the App) and get it verified, they will see the phone number you set.

    We recommend you switch to the VIP service in case caller id display is not working in other service plans.
  • To Set Your Phone Number:

    1. Goto "Info" tab.
    2. tap "Set Your Phone Number" or "Set Display Phone Number".
    3. follow the steps displayed in the webpage, make sure you enter an existing and valid number which is assigned by your phone company so that our system can send you a call to tell you the verification code which is required to get the number verified.

    Once after the number being verified, the receiver can see your phone number you set and call back to you.

    We recommend you switch to the VIP servie in case caller id display is not working in other service plans.
  • The App only uses internet connection, your phone company will not charge you for the phone minutes. However, be cautions when using 3G/4G to make calls while roaming.
  • To buy credits on IOS devices, you only need an Apple iTunes Account which you can sign in or register by navigating to your device's "Settings"--->"Store" menu.

    You should bind your iTunes Account to your credit card or bank account. Once you get iTunes Account ready, you can follow the steps below to buy credits, it is safe and simple:

    1. go to "Buy Credits In App" section in "Account" tab within the App
    2. click the item you would like to buy
    3. confirm to buy
    4. enter the Apple iTunes Account and password to complete the transaction

    Also please be advised that Paypal payment will be supported in the near future, please stay tuned for update.
  • To buy credits on Android devices, you only need a Google Wallet Account which you should bind your credit card with. Once you get Google Wallet account ready, you can follow the steps below to buy credits, it is safe and simple:

    1. Go to "Purchase Phone Call Credit" section in Cart Tab within the App
    2. Click the item you would like to buy
    3. Enter the Google Wallet Account and password to complete the transaction

    Also please be advised that Paypal payment will be supported in the near future, please stay tuned for update.
  • Firstly please double check whether your iTunes Account is ready to go (you should bind a credit card or bank account to your iTunes Account in order to make purchase), If your iTunes Account is ready, please try the following methods:

    1. Please check whether in app purchase is disabled in your device, try to enable it in the related settings of your device.
    2. reboot your device then retry.
    3. delete the App and re-install it from App Store then retry
    4. switch to other internet connection then retry.

    If problem still exists even after your trying all above ways, it is probably caused by the instability of the internet route from your location to USA, in this situation we recommend you wait for some time , then retry.

    Another way is that you can tell your friends or your family members to recharge their App accounts then ask WePhone Customer Service to transfer credits from their account s to yours.
  • This may happen very occasionally when the Internet connection is too weak. Please connect your device to the internet and try the following steps:

    1. Restart your device.
    2. Open the App.
    3. Wait a few minutes to see if the credits are updated.

    If the credit has still not been added to your account after these steps, please forward us the receipt which would be sent by Apple Inc. to your iTunes email address soon after your purchase.
  • After you restore or replace the device, you should recover the new system from backup in order to get the old phone call credits for our App.

    If you cannot recover the App after restoring/replacing, you should record the Account ID for the App (it can be found in the "Account" tab within the App) before restoring/replacing the device and let us know it so that we can transfer the credits from the old account to your new one.

    If you cannot get the old Account ID, please let us know 2 numbers you dialed the most using the old account so that we can find the account for you and transfer credits to your new account.